Not Sure Feel Weird

by Yr Parents

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A egg. A cabin. A Poon Shaped Mule.


released February 6, 2017

Nino Avila - Guitar / Vocals
Fiona Gurney - Bass / Vocals
Jack Mckool - Drums
Luke Wheeler - Guitar / Vocals

Mixing done by Burgess Carleton at The Anthill - Seattle, WA
Bonus Tracks mixed by Jack Mckool at The Tacoma Dome Annex - Seattle, WA

Album artwork by Nino Avila & Xavier Lee



all rights reserved


Yr Parents Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Pacifico
Something inflammatory
Track Name: Stark Raving Dad
Your prudish reserving
A whole field of view
A payoff so meager
It's tough to abuse
Unnerving, deserving
Goliath's fall
I'm David, but stunted
After all

My daddy called me a faggot
Track Name: We Are All Going to Die
We are all going to die

Not just the blacks in the streets from the guns of police
Not just the Chinese from the coal industry
And not the middle east, from all those terrorists

We get it
You want us dead

Is this mud, blood, or sewage?
Where are my legs, where are my legs?
I'm missing my favorite shows
My whole body's covered in bricks
And it's too much to suppose
That I will be surviving this
If I had known this was it
I would have put away my dick

Wrapped in a concrete blanket
Slept until I died
When all the planes stop crashing
Think we'll be alright
And all the peace and quiet
Finally rest my mind

We will go the way all things must go
Say a little prayer for your soul
Track Name: Shiny Rag
Kisses like a six ton
Atom bomb
She was so winsome
And I was so lose some
She told me I was handsome
Then she pulled out her shot gun
And said I wasn't hers to keep, I smiled and acted like a creep, and so I ate her in her sleep and said out loud I think I've made a big mistake

But that's okay

Hooray for make-believe
I believe I handled that one to a masterful degree

And so I fell to my knees in a black-and-white world of smeared ink and I said
God, I don't believe in you, not even a tiny bit but please
Get her out of my head
Track Name: Unfriend Zone
I'll have an emotional outburst on Tuesday
Accidentally run into my ex on Wednesday and Thursday, too
Say he's busy reading Jean-Paul Sartre on Friday
Well me too

You'll never get it
You silly rabbit
I chop my own pile of wood

It's every itty bitty piece of possibility that ails you
We got no remedy it's not to be just get it through your head
You say you're kidding, that there's something maybe I should see but fail to
Well who knew?

I've got a lot of qualities, all the famous people follow me
Just let me get my text on, my numerous connections
There'll never be enough of, I just can't get enough of me
Track Name: Jodi
He was your knight in lichen wood
You were his little red riding hood

Hey Jodi, look at what you've done
Such lifeless eyes he has now
Aint no redder shade it run
Twenty-seven nine zero two's and a four twenty-one

Easy, maybe misunderstood
You've gone and shut him up shut him up for good

Like a forklift made of straw
With dead-weight in her arms
Sucked him down the hall
The shell is soft, and the body starts to fall
Is her magnum opus here?
A smile from ear to ear
Wolf's head starts to rear
The shell is soft, and the body drops
Track Name: Members Only
Well it finally happened
You got your pass, you're joining the club
You keep talking intake but you never can take enough
If success is measured by monetary pleasures, I'll be sitting in this dumpster wearing corduroy and leather

I can't help it if you get carried away
And I get carried away

If I really wanted to kill you
I'd stick a dollar to the bottom of the pool
Say I really need a reason
What else have you been giving?

Picture-perfect charade you made your life into
A pretty prison cell, white picket fences and two cars
Taking drugs at night so you sleep away your dreams
In the basement collecting dust like your guitars
And bet it feels so good to climb that ladder to the top
Bet you wish you would, well nothing ever could stop
You from feeling light, as you implode
Bet it feels so good to be on top
Track Name: Broodmaster
We'll write a eulogy so kind
Pick at the patches on our pride
We'll get along, we'll play nice
We'll be fine

The baggage, the flagrance, examine your headspace on
The fragment relations, exhausted vacations all
Reflected and basic, so cordial, so dated
Offer loose understanding, procedural glad-handing
Track Name: Dining in on a Friday Night
Dining in on a Friday night
I'm dying inside
Track Name: Heaven Sent
Each one of us has slipped through the cracks through the cracks life comes fast watch your back kid
The messages they weren't too exact but it's a fact life's a trap do the math kid
There's nobody that wants you to win through the din all they care that you hear is
Go out and buy yourself a new grin iPhone 10 bottle gin they're heaven sent

I wonder who will pick through the rocks pans and pots when we're all long forgotten
They'll probably think we had quite alot quite alot who'd've thought it'd be rotten
I'm scrambling to make sense of it all is the fall avoidable should we give in
Just focus on your shiny red ball after all it's your call it's heaven sent

And I say so, I say so, give me more, I need more

So clap your hands
Yeah nothing's wrong
And if you want some good life
We got the best in town

Cause we've got low low prices
Get it while it's hot