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Tracks 1-4 by Yr Parents
Tracks 5-8 by Difficult Children


released April 11, 2017

Yr Parents tracks were recorded and mixed by Burgess Carleton. Difficult Children tracks were recorded and mixed by Jack Mckool. All tracks were mastered by Dylan Wall. Cover art by Katrina Jurczynski



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Yr Parents Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Yr Parents - Ode To Joy
So we gave birth to a machine
It don't work much but it's easy
It started living and breathing
It started shitting and eating

I'm so fucking happy
Prime, two-day delivery

So we got mighty indecent
We tore our brains into pieces
No shortage of lateral thinking
We tuned out when our belief did

I'm so fucking happy
My pride wears I
You've head it before

I've got a day job it's about what you'd expect
Pissing around not doing that much except
Being the bad cop, do what you've gotta
Bet on that
Track Name: Yr Parents - No Bad Do's (All These Do's I Did)
Glorious love
Euphoria's glow
Hurry up, it's gone
Glorious low

Tectonic rearrangement
Sensibly departing
Right back to habitual fatigue with my hand
Right back to shoelessness

Sitting on eggs
Don't wanna be here
God, I sound dumb
Do you wish that it never had been

Should have fallen into place
Instead I'm lying on my face
What I did was done, I guess
Thanks for all the fun and stress
Thanks for all the time and space
Track Name: Yr Parents - White Boy Problems
I'm in my hotel room
Masturbating to the pay-per-view
Too soon?
That's just your point of view
My fingertips
My only defense
This world hates me

I'm on the need-to-know
Where my name come from
Why do I feel so alone
When I'm on every show
In the movies, the TV, and the radio

I'm all I need to know
Feels strange when I stray
Mixing feelings, I know
It's just a free-for-all
Who's to say if the game favors me

Now I've got white boy problems

I've got a fork and a spoon
I'm eating, why aint you?
How did they fund that school
Just give em something to do
My flaws are feathered and few
That's what they say on the news

So much for your so-called tolerance when it's like my feelings never matter just because I've never experienced a different perspective doesn't mean you shouldn't cater to mine maybe you social-justice warriors would be more successful if you weren't so divisive I mean lighten up take a joke it isn't life or death that's right not for me you're blowing it way out of proportion i mean come on racism sexism they're things of the past don't talk to me of prison populations unfair wages housing disparities police state brutality just straighten your hair and act white i mean nice it'll open doors to that liberal paradise where everyone acts exactly the same and I can hide from my white shame
Track Name: Yr Parents - Eat yr <3 Out
Oh yeah yeah yeah I'm walking to the freezer in my tightie-whitey bunchy underwear
It's 3AM and I'm the only thing that's moving in this whole entire place and maybe anywhere
My prestidigitations left marks on all the children
I'll turn that frown upon its axis even if I have to do it with my bony bony hands

I'm so grateful, tasteful
It's not my fault they're so shameful

I've been a bad bad boy

Oh yeah yeah yeah I hear the sirens flashing through the window by the cupboard over there
I cannot contain my excitement and it pulses through my quarter-bouncing baby derriere
How gracious of the station to give standing ovations
I gotta go and take a bow but don't you frown when I return you're gonna get your birthday gift

I'm so grateful
Moonlight spotlight twice behind me
I'm a god now
Eat your heart out, Vincent Van Gogh

I've been a bad bad boy

English peas, fresh or frozed
One half pound Yukon gold
Two carrots, peeled diced smol
One whole thigh, pulled or chunked

Ha ha ha
I'm funny, you're laughing